I was *thisclose* to going right into exercise regimens and such, but I’m much too dedicated to nutrition and living well to skip starting with the basics.

Last week I skipped my morning workout because I could tell I was seriously dehydrated. You lose a lot of water exercising and didn’t want to make myself ill, so skipping it altogether for the sake of my health was the only option. I did take the time to hydrate myself with one of my favorite drinks–lemon water!

Most folks probably don’t drink lemon water unless they’re at a restaurant, but it has some great health benefits. Most mornings I have a glass of lemon water before anything else, and it’s quick and easy to prepare–just cut a lemon in half and squeeze one half into your water (save the other half for later or the following day).

Here’s an article that details just some of the benefits of drinking lemon water.